Rust descalers used in oilfield industries Corrosion inhibitors and descalers used in petroleum and gas pipelines

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Corrosion inhibitors

Acid Corrosion Inhibitors can be used for process equipment cleaning, descaling and pickling purpose for different Acids.

  • Nevamine 6120 HPJ :
    Corrosion inhibitors against Hydrochloric Acid for high temperature and high pressure applications.
  • Nevamine - CTP - 2010 :
    Corrosion Inhibitor against Citric Acid.
  • Nevamine - CAP - 2020 :
    Corrosion Inhibitor against Sulphamic Acid and Hydrochloric Acid.
  • Nevamine - CAP - 2040 :
    Corrosion Inhibitor against Sulphuric Acid.
  • Nevamine CA 6115D :
    Chemical cleaning and in oil field application.
  • Navdeerust - 10 :
    Cleaning agent for removing rust.
  • Nevamine CIO :
    For greases and lubricating oils.
  • Nevamine NF 155:
    Corrosion inhibitor against nitric & hydrofloric acid .
  • Nevamine CN 356:
    For Descaling of desalination plants.
  • Nevamine WNF:
    Corrosion inhibitor for Sulphuric Acid.
  • Nevamine Hydro TCI:
    Single formulation product of Corrosion Inhibitor, Biocide & Oxygen scavenger for hydrotesting of petroleum and gas pipe lines.
  • Nevamine WSPE5: 
    A- Excellent acid corrosion inhibitor specifically designed for application in steel production.


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