Steramides used in paper and textile industries for water repellency Fatty amides used in printing inks.

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Fatty Acid Derivatives

  • Nevamide 23 :
    Long chain fatty amide used in plastics, textiles, printing ink, paper, etc. and as lubricant, softener and antiflash agent.
  • Nevamide 33 :
    N-Mehtylol Stearamide used for water repellancy of textile and paper. Also as water based extender for florocarbon oil repellants.
  • Nevamide 52 :
    Antistatic agent, Lubricant for plastics and as a defoaming agent.
  • Nevamide 64 :
    Antistatic and lubricant agent for plastics.
  • Nevamide S / CT :
    Manufacturing softener intermediate


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