amphoteric surfactants used in detergent industries Textile finishing chemicals corrosion inhibitors used in gas and petroleum pipelines Oilfield chemicals used in rigs Biocides used in paints and coating industries. neutraceuticals like glucosamine sulphate and glucosamine hydrochloride

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Navdeep Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

The number and range of industries that welcome our products are truly impressive.
Plastic, chemicals, textile, paper, pesticide, pharmaceutical and health-care industries, metal oilfield activities are some of the areas where our speciality chemicals find application.

Sulfonic Acids | Paratoluene Sulfonic Acid (PTSA) | Ethylene UreaTextile Finishing Chemicals | Corrosion Inhibitors | Oilfield chemicals | Fatty Acid Derivatives | Biocides  | Amphoteric Surfactants, and other speciality chemicals.

The Range of products offered by Navdeep Chemicals Pvt. Ltd :

  • Low corrosion catalyst for esterification reactions.

  • Acid corrosion inhibitors for chemical cleaning of boilers and related capital equipment and pickling and specific corrosion inhibitors for lubricants, greases, and oilwell stimulations.

  • Efficient pupling catalyst helping in reducing consumption of caustic soda.

  • Lubricants and antiblocking agents for PVC, PS, EVA and ABS type of plastics.

  • Cationic softners for cotton and synthetic based textiles.

  • Soil releasing and Hydrophilic finishes for polyester textiles.

  • Flame retardants giving durable, semi-durable and non-durable finish to cotton and nylon fabrics.

  • Textile cross linking agents for giving dimensional stability to fabrics, formaldehyde scavenger.

  • Oilfield chemicals for water injection systems and well stimulation services.

  • Hydrotopes for use in soaps, detergents, and pesticide formulations, electroplating etc.

  • Amphoteric surfacants finding application in speciality liquid cleaning formulations.

  • Biocides ecofriendly Hydantoin based, and other novel molecules having wide applications.