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Navdeep Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

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Textile Finishing Chemicals

  • Ethylene Urea E grade :
    For manufacturing textile crease resistant finishes and as a formaldehyde scavenger.
  • Navdem EU-1 :
    Dimethylol Ethylene Urea Aqueous Solution. A low formaldehyde crease resistant permanent press finishing agent, a leather tanning auxiliary, and amino resin modifier.
  • Navdupress NFB :
    Non formaldehyde containing permanent press finishing agent.
  • Nevamine S / CTK-100 :
    100% cationic softener
  • Nevamine S / CTSK-75 :
    Conc. Cationic Softener.
  • Nevamine S/  CTEK-15 :
    Ready to use Cationic Softener
  • Catalyst NDC :
    Low Cure Catalyst.
  • Sandupress - 2 :
    Dimethyl Dihydroxy Ethylene Urea based permanent press finishing agent.
  • Semalfon SDU :
    Semi durable flame retardant for cellulosic material.
  • Semalfon RCD 25 :
    Flame retardant for viscose rayon staple fibre to be incorporated in the spinning mass.
  • Semalfon DU - 110 :
    Durable flame retardant. Based on THPS.
  • Navdeelose T :
    Hydrophilic finish for polyester fabrics, also helps in soil release property.

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