Biocides used in plastics industries Biocides used in paints, coatings, resin & pigment industries

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Navdeep Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


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  • Navdeepol 87 : 
    Bromonitropropanediol 87%
    Aerobic and anaerobic broad spectrum bacteriocide.
  • Navdeepol 97 :
    Bromonitropropanediol 97%
    Broad spectrum antimicrobial agent, preservative. 
  • Navdeepol 25G :
    Antibacterial formulation for industrial guargum powder.
  • Navdeepol-L1 :
    Very effective bactericide and algicide. For cooling water systems covering entire range of microbes and reducing bacteria.
  • Navdeepol SL :
    Bromide based biocide.
  • Navdeecide DM :
    Dimethylol Dimethyl Hydantoin. Used as a low toxic biodegradable preservative for liquid formulations. 
  • Navdeecide DMB :
    Dibromo Dimethyl Hydantoin. Used as a disinfectant or sanitizing agent and also in organic synthesis. 
  • Navdeesan 174 :
    Preservative for protection against bacterial spoilage in aqueous systems, paints/coatings, resin emulsions, pigment slurries, adhesives, and metalworking fluids. 
  • Navdeecide 12 B : 
    Excellent Biocide for water-based systems
  • Navdeecide ABF :
    Highly effective biocide for applications in Paints.


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