Sulfonic acids used in soaps and detergents Alkyl Aryl Sulfonic Acids and their derivatives used in liquid cleaning industries

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Alkyl Aryl Sulfonic Acids and their derivatives

  • Paratoluene sulfonic acid :
    Monohydrate, Anhydrous and liquid grades.
    It is used as a non-oxidising acid low corrosion catalyst in the manufacturing of Butylacetate, Ethylacetate, Butylacrylate etc. Also used as a catalyst in condensation and acylation reaction. Used in the manufacture of plasticizers such as DOP, DBP, etc. Used as a curing agent in bulk quantities in thermosetting resin systems, varnishes, acrylic resins and foundry resins. It is used as a neutralising agent for acrylonitrile production
  • Methane sulfonic acid 70% & 99%
    Used as a catalyst in esterification and olefinic addition reaction. Also used as an additive in electroplating baths.
  • Navcusol 40 & Navcusol 90 :
    Sodium Cumenesulphonate salt in 40% aqueous solution and in 93% minimum powder form respectively.
    It is used as an electroplating bath additive and as a viscosity reducer for concentrated liquid detergent and as solubilizer and cloud point depresser.
  • Xylene sulfonic acid :
    70%  & 90% aqueous solution. Used as a foundry hardener.
  • Navdeetrope XL & XS :
    Liquid and solid grades of Sodium salt of Xylene Sulfonic Acid. Used as hydrotropes and additives in detergent formulations.
  • Phenol sulphonic acid 65% :
    In tin plating, in phenolic and its Sodium salt. particle board manufacturing and in electroplating.
  • Navdeetrope TL & TS :
    Sodiumtoluenesulphonate as liquid and solid grades. Used as hydrotropes and additives in detergent formulations and as a cloud point depresser.


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